rebirth of a Ferrari

tale of a thirty three year old 308GTB

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What you can’t see

There are areas on a car that just don’t come to mind when you think of maintenance.  Sure we check on the parts that are suppose to wear out like, brake pads, spark plugs, timing belts, and with some miles, clutches, synchronizers, and valves.  Who thinks to check out the gas pedal or the gear selector?  Well if your car is thirty years old, it is a good idea to give them a look.  It was not on my list, until I had so much of the interior out, that it would have been foolish not to check these out while I was there. They were calling me.

For Ferrari, it seems that some typical over-engineering went into these parts. The throttle pedal has over twenty parts, including four needle bearings, two heim joints and a cast aluminum frame.  Fortunately it was only grimy and in needed fresh grease.

The smaller aluminum cover to the right is just under the accelerator. This access plate is very helpful. This car is sometimes easy to work on. Below you can now see 30 years of dirt.

I decided not to paint the pedal.  I like that in some places, you can see that the car is actually driven.


This gear selector design, with minor revisions,  has been used on many Ferrari’s from the GT4 series and all the 308, 328’s, and including history making super cars, the 288 GTO and F40.  

The grease was gooey. A major issue is that the main case can wear out, but mine is in good shape.  I did find a part that was worn enough to require replacement.  It is a cup that forces the gear lever into the middle of neutral.  I found a good used one, and after scrubbing out years of crud,  I reassembled the whole unit with red lithium grease and my “new” parts.  It does feel like new now.

All-in-all, time well spent on two out-of-site areas to bring the car back to a like-new driving experience. 


You can see the worn area on the left.  I have a perfect one on the car now.


Greased and reinstalled

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