rebirth of a Ferrari

tale of a thirty three year old 308GTB

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Sitting is bad for your car – rebuilding the rear brakes

 A few months ago, after I finished the timing belts, I took the car out for a ride through the neighborhood.  It reminded me of a few times I had cruised around the neighborhood in my FV racecar. It was noisy. The Ferrari had no interior carpet, no side windows, or door covers, no gaskets for the doors, and wires from the dash were hanging out. It was very noisy and loose parts were rattling around.  You are very aware of all of the bits and pieces of the machine you are riding in.  Very mechanical.  Even so, it was great to have the car out of the garage under it’s own power for a change. 

When I got back to the house, I could smell hot brakes. And found right rear caliper was sticking. I’m sure it is the result of the car sitting at the painter for a year, and before that, not being run much for months while I took it apart.

The rear brakes have the hand brake mechanicals, and are a lot more complicated than the front. It was obvious that they were not going to just loosen up with use.  I needed to rebuild them. 

These are ATE brakes that share parts with a few Porsche models, but at 30 years and counting there is not much better availability on the Porsche parts for these.  You can find them through the major Ferrari parts suppliers. In this case it was off to the web to order parts from Superformace in the UK. 

They cleaned up nicely and rebuild was flawless.  No pitting in cylinders or on the pistons.