rebirth of a Ferrari

tale of a thirty three year old 308GTB

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Simply put, the carpet in my car was shot.  I had a complete new set made locally out of Wilton Wool. A set is 14 pieces that are glued into the foot wells and under the dash and to the rockers.  It was not a hard job, but took some time to complete. In a few places you have to cut holes for vents under the dash and the hood release after you have the carpet glued in place.  The trim on the B pillars and under the rear window covers the edges of the piece on the firewall.

The t handle in the firewall is an emergency trunk release in case the regular one fails. It is normally not seen when the seat belts are installed.

These are snaps that hold carpet over the passenger side foot well.

These were a little hard to fit in around the pedal box

New door gaskets go in before the rocker carpet pieces.

This is a joint I had to make to match the factory.  The end is cut and glued to wrap around the starting end of the gasket.

The drivers side rocker piece getting glued


Getting close to done. The plastic is protective cover I had in place while I worked.

Now that most of the carpet is in, trim parts are refitted. This goes over the gas pedal. It is vacuum formed ABS plastic.

The B pillar covers.  They are only hand formed aluminum parts covered in vinyl.

Painting the upholstery washers

I had to re glue these.  After 30 years the glue gives up.

The rear shelf

The finished result.  Here the seats and console are in as well.  Those took another two days.